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Monitoring the amount of liquid added during a reaction

In many processes it is necessary to know the amount of a component which was added. The Lambda Integrator integrated now in the Preciflow pump, can monitor the amount of liquid added.
1. Presentation of the installation (figure 1)
During a fermentation, maintainance of the pH value is necessary, wich is achieved by addition of acid. A pH controller measures the pH and gives a signal to the pump if addition of acid is necessary. The input of the Lambda integrator is coupled with the pump and the output of the integrator gives an electric signal that is proportional to the amount of liquid that has been added. In summary by use a voltmeter, a recorder or a datalogger, it is possible to visualize on line the amount of acid added.

figure 1

2. Result (figure 2)

Keeping the pH value constant during a whole fermentation. The green line visualises the pH value in the fermenter and the red curves shows the amount of acid added. At the beginning the addition of the acid is slow. With the time the biomass grows wich leads to a increase of the addition of acid. At the end of the biomass growth decrease and so does the amount of acid added.

The Integrator can also be used to monitor enzyme activity ( amidase,…).

figure 2