Software Cyclone – For cyclone simulation

  • A user friendly software application for educational and industrial use
  • Design and simulation of gas/solid cyclone separators
  • Calculation of efficiency for a known geometry
  • Calculation of geometry for a desired efficiency


Four models can be used to make the calculations :

  • Barth model
  • Leith and Licht model
  • Möthes and Löffler model
  • Lorenz model


Five parameters can be calculated by the software:

a. Volumetric flow rate [from 10-4 to 1 000 m3.s-1]

b. Cyclone diameter [from 0.01 to 3 m]

c. Cut diameter [from 0.2 to 20 mm]

d. Cyclone efficiency

e. Pressure drop [from 10 to 10 000 Pa]

To run the application, the user enters to enter 2 or 3 variables and the other parameters are then calculated.

A simple and user friendly software

The software consists of tables into wich the system parameters are entered. Once all of the parameters have been specified, click on ‘calculate’. Results appear directly in windows on the interface. The functions ‘save’ and ‘open’ can be used at any time to save the current file or load a previous design.

The software is presented more in detail in an example.

Distributed under license from PROGEPI (LSGC, Nancy, France)

For more informations please visit the site at PROGEPI