Software PhytoNet for climate chamber

Control software for the climate chambers

The software is very easy to use and is specially dedicated to automation of plants climate chambers to maintain precis control over environmental conditions.


  • Visualises and records actual temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and illumination.
  • Offers the possibility to change and record all setpoints (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, illumination).
  • Profiles for all setpoints to simulate day-night cycles.
  • Visualises all actual values ans set points on curves in functions of time.
  • The actual values and setpoints values can be saved in a text file (compatible with the most market software) at a defined time interval.
  • Alarms can be defined for each chamber. When an alarm occures, a sound is released. The alarm is stored in a list, so it is possible to keep the history of all alarms.
  • The software is compatible with the Tecon controllers. This company has designed specialised controllers for climate chambers. The software can be adapted to your own controllers.
  • Runs under Windows NT4 or higher.