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Visual interface creation with the software LEA: Application to a fermentor automation.

This page shows the basic principles of the software LEA with an exemple.

Step 1: open an new window

An empty window appears (figure 1)

Figure 1 A new ‘Synoptic’ window

Step 2: Import an image

It can for exemple show the installation to automate (figure 2).

Figure 2 A ‘Synoptic’ window with a bitmap image

Step 3: Add visual components to the window

These visual components are selected in an object toolbox (figure 3).

Figure 3 The visual object toolbox

The component is first selected in the toolbox and appears in the window on the place where the user clicks (figure 4). This object can be moved or deleted as long the configuration mode is activ.

Figure 4 Add a visual component to a window

Step 4: link a channel to this component

To link a channel (actual value, setpoint, etc…) from a device (like a balance, an A/D converted, etc…) to a visual component, the user cliks on the component with the left mouse button. A popup menu appears (figure 5).

Figure 5 Menu popup permettant le choix du canal à visualiser

By clicking on Channel choice, a new window appears. The user can select the channel he wants to link with the component (figure 6).

Figure 6 List of channels wich can be linked to the component

Step 5: Configuration of the linked channel

The linked channel has a default configuration. To check it and to modify it, the user has again to click on the component with the left mouse button. By clicking on Channel configuration in the popup menu, a new window (figure 7) appears. The user can for exemple modify the channel name and calibrate the channel.

Figure 7 Dialog for the configuration of an analog input (here for exemple the Tecon 239 interface box)

Step 6 and following: repeat the same operation for every component to display (step 3 to 5)

The device (here the Tecon 239 interface box) can then be connected and the communication can be started.

An exemple is presented below (Figure 8). It is also very easy to create windows with curves.

Figure 8 An exemple: fermentor automation

These configuration can be modified or completed later. The software offer here a high degree of flexibility, for exemle to add new devices like balances, new probes, etc…