Automation with Lea

SIAM is a data acquisition- and control-program (scada) for PC and compatible computers which runs under Windows. The system is easy to configurate without any knowledge of computer languages thanks to the user interface (exemple here).

There is the possibility to connect different hardware like balances, datalogger, controllers, fermenters.

With this software, you can develop your own EXAO application.

Typical applications

  • fermentation
  • control of chemical reactions, distillation
  • climate chamber
  • quality control
  • automatisation of measurements at laboratory-, pilotplant- and production-scale
  • instruction tool.


  • easy to adapt to the needs of the process
  • easy to learn and to use
  • possibilty of following complex control strategies
  • all the paramters can be visualised graphically
  • data storage in files
  • data transfer to any program that uses ASCII code (spreadsheet, word processing programs,…) or direct DDE communication.
  • possibility of controlling several processes at the same time, several reactors, several analytical instruments,…