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Mini datalogger determine driving comfort in trains

This is a summary of the article in Messtec drives Automation 3/2015, pages 74 to 75, WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, GIT Verlag, Weinheim

At Stadler Rail, a manufacturer of railway rolling stock, the MSR dataloggers have been used to clarify vibration in the operation of a railway vehicle.

For data recording, the loggers are mounted on base plates on the floor with spikes. They cover the accelerations in all three spatial axes on the chassis and in the center of the car.

To evaluate the data, the engineers export all logger data via .csv file in the measurement analysis software Famos. It has programmed routine to filter the signals.

The data logger have also been used to study the stability of the vehicles of the MGB Bahn after their modernization. For the test measurements, the engineer provides the measurement frequency of the data logger again to 400 Hz (possible up to 1600 Hz) and a fixed four dataloggers on the chassis frame of the train (in the intermediate plane wheels / wagon body on the position of the wheel). Of the 15g sensors the accelerations in the transverse direction are now measured on the chassis frame on all wheel sets during ten minute rides. The measurements are performed approximately six hours during all shuttle services. The measurement trains are still inserted between normal trains. The constant speed of the train during the tests is 60, 70, 80 and 90 km / h.

In order to measure the driving stability of rail vehicles, the acceleration is detected in the transverse direction of the chassis frame. For this purpose an MSR mini datalogger is attached to the frame. (Source messtec drives Automation 3/2015).

MSR165 datalogger is equipped with 2 measurement range available, +/- 15 and +/- 200 g. It can be equipped with other sensors.

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