Second hand equipement

There is no garanty on the second hand equipement. The price is without transport cost. If not satisfied, the devices can be returned within 3 weeks.


Multi Rotator Bio Som

for mixing of tubes

price new: 787.90 EURO

price now: 350 EURO

Microscope ZEISS Standard LAB 16

Obj.rev. 5 -time, Binoc. Fototubus 30°, Objektiv F-Achromat 2.5/0.08, Objektiv F - Achromat 40/0.65 PH 2, Objektive F-Achromat 100/1.25 Oil Ph3, Phase contrast condensor II Z Apertur 0.9, Objektiv F-Achromat10/0.25 PH 1,Objektiv F-Achromat 25/0.45 PH2, Objektiv F-Achromat 40/0.75 PH2, 2x Foto-Okular Kpl 10x/20 Br, Weitwinkel-Okular Kpl 10x/20 Br foc., Weitwinkel-Okular CPL 10x/18 Br., Strichkreuzmikrometer 10:100 D=19 mm,

Netzmikrometer, Hilfsmikroskop, Pol-Filter, Analysator für Schaltachse, Kamera-Ansatz, Polaroid Packfilmkassette, Belichtungssteuerung.

Price EURO 2160.-

Microliter- centrifuge Hettich

24 x 1.5 ml, max. 15 000 rpm Nr. 1394,

Price EURO 550.-

Pilot Scale Extraction Plant, 4 x 2 litres

  • The plant is made up of 'büchiflex' standard glass components including all fittings and sealings. Spares can be ordered at the manufacturer and the plant can be easily extended.
  • Manufacturer: Büchi Glas Uster, Gschwaderstrasse 12, CH–8610 Uster, Switzerland
  • Material in contact with medium: Borosilicat glass / PTFE / stainless steel 316
  • Pump: Gear pump ISMATEC REGLO-Z/181, flow rate 0.12 to 12.6 l/h
  • Heating system: Thermostat FISHERBRAND FBH 612
  • Tubular steel stand: Height 2000 mm, width 2300 mm, depth 800 mm, Composed of tubes and retainers of stainless steel 316 to hold all glass components in position
  • Allowable operating pressure, plant: -1/+1,0 bar
  • Allowable operating pressure, double jacket: -1/+0,5 bar
  • Allowable operating pressure, helixes: -1/+3,0 bar
  • Working temperature, plant & pump: -46/+121 °C
  • Working temperature, double jacket: -50/+200 °C

Price new: 26 000 Euro.

Price now: 16 000 Euro

Protedyne Colony Picking Workstation

Dual 96 pins picking heads

5000 picks/hour

targets down to 0.5 mm diameter

with software

price on request

Autokjeldahl Unit Büchi K370

Year 2009

with different acessories

price: 14 500 Eur.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer Mettler Toledo Typ HR 73

Year 2010

price: 3 500 Eur.

Heating Mantle Heraeus Typ G 2/100ml

0.36 A/80W

price: 130 Eur.


quite new

size: L 880 x W 460 x H 300 (mm), including floor grating, recirculation pump, drain cock

Manufacturer: Fa AERNE ANALYTIC

Date of manufacture: 18.06.2012

Heating power: 6 kW

Power supply: 3 x 400 - N - PE

Original price: 3694 EURO

Now: 2600 EURO

Waterbath with with 8 magnetic stirring

Manufacturer: AERNE ANALYTIC

For 8 x 1 liter bottles (wide neck GLS 80)

Effective volume: approx 53.5 x 30 x 17.5 cm (L x W x H)

Heating power: 3000 Watt

Heating elements: stainless steel

Housing: Polypropylene (PP) white; Material thickness 10 mm

Operation: Keypad

Controller: Microprocessor control

Speed control from 0 to 600 U / min

Temperature range: 20 ° C to 90 ° C + / - 0.3 ° C

Safety: thermal shutdown, sensor breakage, water shortage

Incl. Connection pipe for water supply

Power supply: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz

Date of Manufacture: November 2013

Price new: 3864 Euro

Now: 3000 Euro (like new)

Rack for sample bottles

Manufacturer: Fa AERNE ANALYTIC

Date of manufacture: 2010

Rack for 12 Bottles - Diameter: 55 mm

Dimensions: 380 x 120 x 200 mm

price : 65 EURO


Fix, with tip ejector, 10 uL: 129 EURO

Fix, with tip ejector, 25 uL: 129 EURO

Fix, with tip ejector, 1350 uL: 123 EURO

Sarstedt TPM-2 Orbital Shaker

100-1100 rpm

0-27 min

Price: 200 EURO

Digital coating thickness gauge

KERN TE Digital coating thickness gauge

External sensor for difficult-to-access measurements

External sensors with other measuring ranges are available on request

Data interface RS-232, included

Base plate and calibration foils included

Delivered in a hard carrying case

Offset-Accur: This function allows you to adjust the instrument precisely on the locally measured range by a two-point calibration. This results in a superior accuracy of approx. 1 % of the measured value

Selectable measuring units: µm, inch (mil)


Model readout range Test Objects Min. workpiece radius
µm µm
KERN TE 1250-0.1N 0.1/1 1250 Insulation coatings on non-magnetic metals Concav: 50 mm

like new

price new: 360 Euro, now: 300 Euro

Gas chromatograph Carlo Erba

Type VEGA GC Mod 6130, Serial no. 24406

Detector FID / NPD Carlo Erba, model EL 580, Serial no. 245439

Autosampler Carlo, type Mod A200S, Serial no. 1449/89

The GC is functioning, one can take in operation or use it as spare parts.

Price: 1800 Fr.

Different components for HPLC System

Waters Autosampler 717plus

Fluorescence Detector FD500 (without flow cell)

Rainin Solvent Delivery Pump HPXL (without pump head)

Perkin Elmer PE970 ADC/DAQ Integrator Interface

manual are included

price all components together: 1800 Euro

Dryer type Aeromatic Aetd-1.60

Overall height: 2200 mm plus exhaust and piping

Height of the Product Filter Housing: 1350 mm

Diameter: approx 1300mm

Dryer part Height: about 900 mm

Cabinet Size: W = 1900mm, H = 2000mm, D = 600mm

Heating capacity 14900 kcal / h

Centrifuge Centrikon T 124

Max RPM: 24 000

Power: 380 V, 3 P, 1 KVA

Max Dens. 1.2 at max rotor speed


Rotor for Sorval Centrifuge (Suprafuge 22) Ref. HFA 21.94

Capacity: 8x94ml

max RPM: 21500

max relative centrifugal acceleration (g) : 53750

max Radius: 10.4

quite never used

Price: 600 Euro


Rotor for Sorval Centrifuge (Suprafuge 22) Ref. HFA 14.290

Capacity: 6x290

max RPM: 14500

max relative centrifugal acceleration (g) : 33140

max Radius: 14.1

quite never used

Price: 600 Euro


Rotor für Sorval Zentrifuge (Suprafuge 22) Ref. HFA 22.50

Capacity: 8x50

max RPM: 22300

max relative centrifugal acceleration (g) : 60600

max Radius: 10.9

quite never used

Price: 600 Euro



Köttermann danger cabinet (built-in trigger housing)

Type: 3-520SSIDDB

Year in June 2007

Condition like new.

Köttermann fume hood

Type: 2-453-DAND

Year : 2007

2.24 H x 1.20 W x 0.95 T

Condition like new

Incl. Fuse box, exhaust air from the top with a connection to an installed table extraction

Must be dismantled and removed by the purchaser.

Negotiation Price: 6900 Euro


Sterile bench Modell BHA36

Producer: Faster

Year: 1996

Tension: 220-240 V/ 50 Hz

Power: 0.7 KW

Price: 3000 Euro


Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Perkin Elmer

Well-maintained flame atomic absorption spectrometer. Rarely the mirror motor remains stuck due to the wear, can be repaired independently. In general, all spare parts are available via Perkin-Elmer.

  • Type / model AAnalyst 400
  • Year of construction 2005
  • Serial number 201s5061502
  • Former net price 21 000 Euro
  • Gasbox worth about 4000 Euro was exchanged on 01.03.2016.
  • Accessories Hollow cathode lamps not included in the purchase price (new price Euro 3 500)
  • Pb (operating time 1000 of 10 000 possible mAh)
  • Al-Ca-Mg (never used)
  • Au (since 06/2009 in operation)
  • Pd (used since 06/2009)
  • Cu-Fe-Ni (used since 03/2015)
  • Co (since 06/2009 in operation)
  • Additional used D2 lamp as a replacement
  • Software AA Winlab 32 V6.2
  • Device out of operation since 08.11.2016
  • Manuals available? Yes
  • Device still functional? Yes
  • Height in cm 65
  • Width in cm 70
  • Depth in cm 60

Price: 2400 Euro



Oberdorfstrasse 51
CH 3930 Eyholz
tel + 41 27 946 80 18
fax + 41 27 946 86 42