Turbidity measurement

Fibre-optic turbidity measurement system AS82 / AF46 S

  • Diffused-light measurement
  • Compensation for outside light sources
  • Infrared measuring system
  • High-precision fibre-optics
  • Wide linear measuring range
  • High measurement sensitivity
  • Designed for online measurement operations
  • Measurement sensor can be sterilised or treated in an autoclave
  • Biologically inert
  • Reproducible readings
  • Applications: cell-density and growth curves in a fermenter or bioreactor, flocculation,turbidity, crystallisation monitoring, filter monitoring, detection of solids
  • Measuring principle: The regulated IR transmitter produces infrared radiation in the fibre-optic transmission line (1) and emits it, via the sensor, into the medium from two sides. High-precision reception optics (2) is used to measure the returning IR radiation at the fibre-optic reception element (3).

turbidity meter

Portable turbidity meter MICRO IR

The portable waterproof turbidity meter MICRO IR with infrared light source (860 nm) is designed to measure turbidity over the range 0 to 1,100 NTU with a detection limit of 0.01 NTU in accordance with ISO 7027 / DIN/EN 27 027.

The automatic 3-point calibration feature makes unit calibration easy. All the user has to do is press the CAL key and then measure the 3 turbidity standards.

The unit is supplied complete with the turbidity standards (0.02 / 100 and 1,000 NTU) as well as 4 AAA alkaline manganese batteries and a 25 mm test vial.

  • Principle: nephelometric (90° scattered light)
  • Light source: IR-LED (860 nm)
  • Keypad conditional acid and solvent resistant; membrane switch keypad with audible feedback
  • Auto - Off automatic switch off approx. 20 minutes after last key press
  • Display: Graphic-Display
  • Update Software update via Internet.
  • Memory capacity Memory 1000 data sets with date, time and registration number.
  • Sample volume: approx. 12 ml
  • Range: 0.01 to 1100 NTU (Auto range)
  • Resolution: (NTU) 0.01 from 0.02 - 9.99(NTU), 0.1 NTU from 10.0 - 99.9, 1 NTU from 100 - 1100
  • Accuracy: (NTU) ± 2 % of reading or 0.01(NTU) (0 - 500), ± 3 % of reading (500 - 1100)
  • Ambient conditions temperature: 5-40°C at 30-90% relative humidity (non condensing).
  • Interface RS232 for printer and PC- connection; 9-pin D-sub-mail connector; data format ASCII.
  • Power supply 7 NiCd rechargeable batteries (Type AA/Mignon with 750mAh); wall plug mains adapter (Input: 100-230V, 50-60Hz; Output: 15V;530mA) and Lithium battery (CR 2032, 3V) for data storage and real time clock.
  • Weight: (instrument) approx. 1000 g including batteries and power pack
  • Dimensions: approx. 265 W x 195 H x 70 D
  • Specifications meets ISO 7027
  • Approval CE
  • Guarantee 2 years

Sludge level detector

Sludge level detector ET 640

Determination of the sedimentation characteristics and separation layer in sludge

  • Measurement via LED-display
  • Acoustic message support
  • Solid measuring head
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Single-key operation

The ET 640 is a portable unit for measuring the solid matter content and sedimentation characteristics of waste water in pools and tanks.

The probe is lowered into the pool or tank, and the LED display changes colour depending on the solid matter content. Once the probe reaches the separation layer in the sludge sediment, the LED display changes to the red zone. An acoustic alarm is also emitted.

The user can directly read off the depth of the various layers (clear areas or sediment layer) on the cable in 0.5 metre steps.

The probe consists of an impact-resistant plastic housing and is equipped with an LED light source, the light from which is received and evaluated by a photodiode on the opposite side.

The sludge level detector ET 640 is supplied in a convenient case with carrying strap, making it suitable for portable use. The unit supplies the user with rapid information on the thickness of the sludge layer in a sedimentation pool or tank.

Scope of delivery

Sludge level detector in a carrying case, including probe, 10 metres of cable (optionally up to 50 metres) and battery charger, operating instructions

Low cost turbidity meter Lasany

  • display: 2 lines with 16 characters
  • power supply: 230 V 50 Hz +/- 10 %
  • turbidity range: 0-1000 NTU
  • resolution: 0.1 NTU at lower range
  • accuracy: +/- 3 % FS +/- 1 digit
  • calibration: 2 points
  • detector: photodiode
  • sample system: 30 mm teste tube
  • temperature probe: Pt100
  • temperature range: -20 to 200 °C
  • temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
  • memory for 1000 samples values
  • RS232 interface



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