Level measurement and detection

Optical level detection

Optical level detection

How it works (see on the left): The angle for total reflexion change and depends on the presence of a liquid or air near the nose.

The detector can be mounted horizontal or vertical.



Light IR-Diode gepulst (880 nm) IR-Diode gepulst (880 nm)
Max Pressure 10 Bar 40 Bar
Output indicator LED rot LED gelb
Sensitivity adjustment Option Option
Voltage supply +Vs 10 to 30 VDC +Vs 10 to 30 VDC
Max. current consupmption 15 mA 15 mA
Voltage drop < 2 VDC < 2 VDC
Output NPN oder PNP NPN oder PNP
Output current < 200 mA < 200 mA
Reverse polarity protection ja ja
Material at the nose Polysulfone Borosilicat Glas
Housing material Polysulfone Stainless steel
Thread M16x1 or G3/8'' M16x1 or G3/8''
Operating temperature 0 to +65 °C 0 to +65 °C
Protection class IP 67 IP 67

Optical level detection FUL

  • With optic fiber
  • Chemically resistant thanks Teflon overcoating
  • Diameter: 4 mm
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to 105 °C
  • Security: only light is transmitted

Level detection in tubes / FSL und FFDK

Detect liquids in transparent tubes (diameter 8 to 13 mm and 3 to 13 mm)

FSL: with optic Fibers

FFDK: with integrated electronic

Ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement / UNDK and UNAM without contact



Sensing range Sd 20 to 200 mm 5 to 70 mm
Resolution <0.3 mm <0.3 mm
Frequence (KHz) 380 380
Voltage supply +Vs 15 to 30 V 12 to 30 V
Max. current consumption 35 mA 35 mA
Voltage drop Vd < 2 VDC < 2 VDC
Output 0-20 mA or 0-10 V 0-20 mA or 0-10 V
Operating temperature -10 bis +65 °C 0 bis +60 °C
Protection class IP 67 IP 67

We have also ultrasonic sensor for range up to 2500 mm.

Ultrasonic distance measuring sensors UNAM 70I6161 / S14

  • Detection range sd: 600 to 6000 mm
  • Initial value detection range Sdc: 600 to 6000 mm
  • Final value detection range Sde: 600-6000 mm
  • Reproducibility: <3 mm
  • Resolution: <2 mm
  • Activation time ton <640 ms
  • Release time toff <640 ms
  • Temperature drift: <2% of distance to target So
  • Sonic frequency: 80 kHz
  • Setting: Teach-in
  • Setting help: LED flashing
  • LED indicator yellow / red LED
  • Voltage range: + Vs 15 to 30 VDC
  • Consumption max.: (No load) 35 mA
  • Output signal: 4 to 20 mA / 20 to 4 mA
  • Output current <20 mA
  • Load resistance + Vs max. <1100 Ohm
  • Load resistance + Vs min. <400 Ohm
  • Ripple <10% Vs
  • Protected against short circuits: yes
  • Protected against reverse polarity: yes

Ultrasonic Level Sensors US

Easy to install (hanging cable or attached with holder), setting the US PARATRONIC is very easy with a specific programmer. They have a measuring range up to 10 meters with a reduced emission cone. They can be connected to the autonomous acquisition systems thanks to their low heating time. OPUS version also allows the management of pumping units on a remote with integrated display electronics.

  • measurement is carried out without contact with the liquid
  • perfect in aggressive environments, loaded or supporting dietary constraints.
  • IP 68
  • integrated temperature sensor
  • automatic filtering clutter: can operate in tubes (Ø 67 mm) or along a vertical wall without asperity.
  • signal 4 - 20 mA 2 wires
  • power 10-40 V
  • resolution: 1 mm for 3 m, 0.03% of full scale for distance> 3 m
  • failure signal: 22 mA
  • 2-core cable with electrical shielding
  • no special maintenance

Level Switch

Level Switch LBFS

  • Precise switching point with no requirement for calibration
  • Process temperature: -40 to 115 °C
  • Measures media with Dielectrical Constant (DK) values >1.5
  • Blue LED switch indicator
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for media separation
  • Configurable by FlexProgrammer 9701
  • ATEX approval for gas and dust
  • Media pressure: Max. 100 bar
  • Radiated signal 100 to 180 MHZ
  • Power supply: 12 to 30 VDC, 35 mA max.
  • Repeatability ± 1 mm
  • Reaction time 0.1 sec. (100 mS)

Leak detector

Leak detector FODK 23P90Y5

Teflon leak sensor. Respond as soon as the liquid comes in contact in the capillary detector. Chemically resistant. Works with most liquids.

  • Light source: pulsed red LED
  • Output indicator: Orange LED
  • Reception indicator: Green LED
  • Sensitivity setting: no
  • Wavelength: 875 nm
  • Measuring mode: contact

Leak detector CFAK 12P3103

M12 capacitive sensor designed specifically for water. Works only with water.

Floor leakage detection system WM24

  • Floor stand detector, compact unit
  • Without moving parts
  • Built-in relay
  • Cable output, 5 m long PVC cable
  • Main power supply: input for 24 V DC (18-30 V DC)
  • Maximum of 20 mA
  • Sensitivity: Detection within 0.8 to 1 MOhm
  • Detection current: Around 1 mA ac
  • Relay: Contact 60 V / 0.5 A max.

Détecteur de fuite L01

  • Floor stand detector, compact unit
  • Without moving parts
  • Built-in relay for alarms
  • Cable output, 5 m long PVC cable
  • Main power supply: input for 230 V ADC
  • Maximum of 20 mA
  • Sensitivity: Detection within 0.8 to 1 MOhm

inundation detector

Leakage, inundation and humidity detection LISA (Liquid Intrusion Safety Alarm)

  • Detects a drop of water
  • Easy determination of the leakage location
  • Alarm signal before inundation
  • Self diagnostic with instant alarm for short circuit on the loop detection
  • Ribbon like sensor break off
  • For protection of high cost electronic devices and prevention of damages due to inundation
  • Suitable on any support / surface
  • Power supply input: 230, 115, 48, 24 V AC - 50/60 Hz, 12, 24 V DC
  • Consumption: < 2 VA
  • Ambient temperature: -15 to +45°C

Leakage detection BES

Floor water detection

As soon as there is a conductive liquid between the electrodes, the system resistance changes and switches on the alarm signal of a resistive relay (model ES5000).

With the built-in device (600 kOhm resistance) and in use with the ES5000 relay, the detection loop is permanently monitored. The detection is fail safe with an alarm signal occurring in case of short circuit or broken circuit on the detection cable.

  • Ambient T°: -20 to +60°C
  • Fluid in contact: any conductive fluid compatible with construction material
  • Housing material: PBT, fibbers glass reinforced
  • Electrodes: 1, stainless steel (316 Ti)
  • Output cable: PVC 5 m long cable
  • Option: GSM Modem to send SMS in case of alarm

Leakage detector Aqua

Water detection

uses the Wifi infrastructure

web based data visualization (depending on the software solution)

up to 3 years life using a single Lithium AA 3.6 V battery

alarming/alerting system

data storage: 21 days at a simpling rate fo once per minute

software: Desktop software, Web hosted or enterprise portal

operating conditions: -10 to 60 °C, 0 to 90 % RH non conndensing

3 detection state: no water, partial immersed, completely immersed

possibility to connect a temperature, humidity and light sensor

Liquid level

Liquid level switch MNR6

Switches are mounted in the guiding stem; they are actuated by the magnet, built in the float, to allow 1 or 2 level detections to correspond with your application. MNR6 series are suitable only for non viscous and non sticky liquids, without magnetic and/or solid particles. The liquids may not crystallize.

  • Available in PVC-PPH, PPH, PVDF and stainless steel 316 L
  • Max pressure (at 20°C): 3 bar for composite material, 20 bar for stainless steel
  • Temperature limits PVC: +5 to +50°C; PPH: -5 to +105°C; PVDF: -10 to +110°C; 316L: -20 to +110°C
  • Switching capacity: 60 VA
  • Minimal distances: 100 mm between 2 contacts
  • Upper dead zone = 60 mm, Lower dead zone = 50 mm
  • Precision: ± 2 mm
  • Hysteresis: 8 mm
  • The length of guiding part for the float can be defined specific for the application

Liquid level switch M8800

The M8800 liquid level switch has a polypropylene stem and a polypropylene float. Polypropylene is typically suitable for use with acidic liquids such as those found in electroplating and metal cleaning. It is also a great option for lower temperature food operations (up to 105 degrees C) since Madison only incorporates polypropylene that is FDA approved for food contact. This material is a good choice for commercial appliances and equipment as well.

Nominal Current Rating(s) 60 VA SPST Switch

Fittings 1/4" NPT

Max. Pressure 100 psig

level detector

NIVOSTOP® / ACS level detector BAMO

designed for use with drinkable water and sanitary applications (water tanks, bottling, wells).


When the pear-shaped diver rotates the switch status changes. Built-in ballast allows NIVOSTOP® / ACS, to rotate around a virtual axis without floating over the fluid surface.As the diver does not float, it is a safe way to avoid blocking the pear-shaped diver or the cable.

Technical description

  • Operating mode: Omni directional
  • Pressure: 2 bar, as a maximum
  • Protection: IP 68
  • Temperature: +70°C, as a maximum
  • S.G.: 0.95 to 1.05 kg/L
  • Switching angle: 10°
  • Switch type: Micro switch, gold plated contacts
  • Switching power: 1 mA / 4 V – 5 A / 250 V
  • Diver dimensions Height: 180 mm – diameter: 100 mm
  • Cable: 3 wires x 0.75 mm2
  • Cable length: 5 m, 10 m, 20 m (others on request)

NIVOSTOP® / C level detector BAMO

The float level controller NIVOSTOP® / C is designed for use in aggressive fluids such as acids, basic solutions, etc.).


The principle is the same as for other float switches NIVOSTOP: a fixed point allows the built-in contact to switch on or off. Built-in ballast allows the controller, to rotate around a virtual axis in a small space, without floating over the fluid surface; it is a safe way to avoid blocking the pear-shaped diver or the cable.

Technical description

  • Maximal pressure: 2 bar
  • Operation: Multidirectional
  • Protection: IP68
  • Temperature: +100 °C as a maximum
  • Operating range: Specific weight from 0.95 to 1.05 kg/L
  • Switching angle: 10°
  • Switch: Change-over contact, gold plated
  • Swiching limits: 1 mA / 4 V – 5 A / 250 V
  • Cable: 4 x 0.5 mm2
  • Cable Length: 5 m or 10 m (other on request)
  • Float [mm]: Height 180, Ø 100
  • Body: PP
  • Cable: FEP
  • Seal: FPM

NIVOSTOP® / SS2 / KW - SS2 / W level detector BAMO

Switch level floats for use as a fill-level switch in wastewater pumping systems, industrial water tanks, rain water collection systems etc.

To control any low and high level for liquids in all industries.

Technical description

  • The floats are moulded in polyethylene. The body is welded therefore perfectly tight. A micro-switch is used in conjunction with a balancing mass. It has a high switching power. The switch operates when the float pass across the horizontal axis. The standard cable is highly flexible (PVC with additives) accepts neutral, alkaline or lightly acid media. The oil version cable is of special PVC. The acid version cable (HCl 33%, HNO3, etc.) is polyethylene coated.
  • SS2 / W: cigar shaped, convenient for all clear fluids without sludge, (specific weight 1 kg/L).
  • SS2 / KW: the pear-shaped float switch is convenient for viscous media and wastewater pumping systems with residual paper content, presence of sludge, etc. (specific weight 1 kg/L).
  • SS2 / WH: oil version, mainly for liquids with a specific weight 0.9 kg/L

Level indicator

Level indicator controller GNR6

Indicator, controller for tank level vizualisation. Can used to control pumps, valves and alarme signals by magnetic switch.

All parts in contact withe liquid are in PVC and EPDM or FPM seals. This indicator is delivered, in standard, with two insulation valves.

Indication is done through a large PVC tube to guide the float. With a small weight this float cannot be sticked by capillarity phenomena.

The tube can be dismounted for eventual cleaning, valves keep fixed to the tank. Tube bottom has a drain PVC cup to ensure an easy float insertion. Flanges standard fixation, threaded or union end on request.

Measure tube can be equiped with white PVC rule, gradued on cm or % real volume in any units (liter or cubic meter) for vertical or horizontal tanks. Fixed by 63 PE collars with 63 mm diameter. The legnth of the tube can be defined specifically for you application.


  • material: PPH
  • diameter: 50 mm
  • height: 127 mm
  • magnetic core for standard contact


  • bistable changeover contact microswitch
  • rated voltage / 4 V ... 250 V AC, 4 V .... 30 V DC
  • rated current / 1 mA ... 3 A (AC or DC)
  • translucent polycarbonate housing
  • IP 65 to EN 60 529
  • 2 fixing points 63 mm diameter stainless steel necklace
  • to associate with the GNR float 62


  • free changeover contact potential
  • P. C.: 60 VA / 220 V / 1 A
  • Makrolon housing IP 55
  • attachment 2 points per necklace stainless diameter 63
  • to associate with the GNR float 62

Level detector and alarm system for oil-water separator NivOil® BAMO

Designed for the monitoring of hydrocarbon fluids separators, the alarm device NIVOIL® may be connected to 1, 2 or 3 sensors.

Technical description

  • 3 inputs with automatic sensor type detection for hydrocarbon fluids layer thickness, overfill level, sludge layer level
  • The alarm device NIVOIL has an auto-diagnostic of measuring loop. An alarm signal occurs in case of dysfunction due to a short circuit or a broken cable.
  • 3 relay outputs, 230 V AC, 3A, potential free change over contacts. ATEX Certificate: BVS 07 ATEX E 090
  • Main power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 9 VA approximately (3 sensors connected)
  • Housing protection: IP65, according EN 60529
  • Temperature limits: -20 to +60°C

Sensors (only for use with an alarm device NIVOIL)

  • NivOiL® -OP/10, Hydrocarbon fluid layer thickness sensor: Capacitive, high frequency
  • NivOiL® -HP/10, Overfilling sensor: PTC sensor
  • NivOiL® -SP/10, Sludge layer sensor: Ultrasonic detection type

niveau de boue

Piezoresistive Level Transmitter Series 26 Y

The pressure transmitters Series 26 Y are used in water level measurements.

With the Series 26 Y, the monocrystalline silicon measuring cell is reliably protected from the measuring medium by a stainless steel diaphragm. The steel diaphragm itself is protected from mechanical influence by a plastic cap, and has outstanding.

The series PR26Y gauge versions have cable with integral vent tube for relative pressure measurement.

measurement range for the PR26Y version (bar, relative pressure): 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10

measurement range for the PA26Y version (bar, absolute pressure, zero at 1 bar abs): 0.8 to 1.8, 0.8 to 2.3, 0.8 to 3, 0.8 to 6, 0.8 to 11

output: 0 / 4-20 mA, 0-10 V

accuracy: 0.25% FS

storage temperature / working temperature: -20 to 100 ° C

cable length: 5 m (standard)

niveau de boue

Hydrostatic level sensors NIVAPRESS PCE-28P / APC

The hydrostatic level sensors NIVAPRESS PCE-28P and APC are applicable to the measurement of the level of clear liquids in open reservoirs, canals, streams, etc ...

The probe measures the liquid level by comparing the height of the water column with the resulting hydrostatic pressure. The pressure measurement is carried out at the membrane, connected to the atmospheric pressure through the capillary located in the cable. The active sensing element is a piezoresistive type silicon sensor insulated by a membrane.

An electronic amplifier operating in conjunction with the sensor, converts the measurement into an analog 4-20 mA signal. This amplifier is equipped with an overvoltage protection circuit to protect the probe from damage caused by interference induced by atmospheric discharges or from the combination of high current devices.

  • Measuring ranges from 0 to 200 to 0 to 3000 mm H2O
  • Elements in contact with the fluid: Stainless steel 316 L
  • Intrinsically safe version, 4-20 mA output - ATEX certification I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 1 / 2G Ex ia IIC T4 / T5 / T6 Ga / Gb II 1D Ex ia IIIC T110 ° C Da FTZU 12 ATEX 0193X
  • Marine Certification, MR - Version (APC), 4-20 mA + HART Output



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