Gel electrophoresis with GEL BOX

Gel electrophoresis integrated with an imaging camera in a closed system that uses disposable gel cassettes to analyze samples.

Data or images from the GelBox are received through wireless connectivity to your mobile device

GelBox Pre-Cast Ready To Use Agarose Gels

  • Disposable gel cassettes with agarose and DNA stain packaged inside for ease of use
  • Number of wells: 13
  • Stain: GelGreen from Biotium
  • Percent Agarose: 1.2%, 2.0%
  • Resolution: 0.05 kb to– 7 kb

How does it works ?

Turn on GelBox and Log on to your mobile device

  • Load samples into pre-cast gel
  • Place pre-cast gel into GelBox
  • Connect wireless PC/smart phone to GelBox
  • Set up time and voltage from your wireless device
  • Monitor GelBox and receive images

Main features

  • Portable: powered by 12V DC universal power supply or 12V DC battery pack
  • Small footprint: ·146*146*160cm(L*W*H)
  • Light Weight: ·2.5 kg
  • Run Time: ·15 minutes



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