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Single channel Capp Ecopipette series 'Universal' and 'Short'

Ecopipette (TM) mechanical single channel pipette is constructed with renewable durable resources. It is packed in recyclable and biodegradable materials and comes with an ecotradeTM program: return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettesTM. We will ensure an environmentally safe waste discharge of all old pipettes.

Ecopipette advantages:

  • Lockable volume controller requiring 50% fewer turns.
  • Display is fully visible during hand operations.
  • Reduced force requirement for aspiration and blow-out.
  • The only pipette with fixed and variable exchangeable counter mechanism.
  • Large pad for ease of tip ejection.
  • Fully autoclavablepipette body (no disassembly required).
  • Double o-ring for optimal tip seal.
  • Compatible with all major pipette tip brands.
  • Robust design includes metal tip base.
  • Lowest incidence of breakage resulting from accidental dropping or tipsmounting.

Volume range for the variable version

Ref. number Length Volume Color Code
C02-1S short 0.2-2 ul violet
C02-1 standard 0.2-2 ul violet
C10-1 standard 0.5-10 ul white
C20-1 standard 2-20 ul grey
C50-1 standard 5-50 ul red
C100-1 standard 10-100 ul orange
C200-1 standard 20-200 ul yellow
C1000-1 standard 100-1000 ul blue
C5000-1 standard 1-5 ml green

Explaination for accuracy: first value is for 10 % of the range, second value is for 100 % of the range

Volume for the fix volume version (other volumes on demand)

Ref. number Length Volume
C02-1S-001 short 1 ul
C10-1-005 standard 5 ul
C10-1-010 standard 10 ul
C50-1-020 standard 20 ul
C50-1-025 standard 25 ul
C100-1-030 standard 30 ul
C100-1-050 standard 50 ul
C200-1-100 standard 100 ul
C200-1-200 standard 200 ul
C1000-1-500 standard 500 ul
C5000-1-1000 standard 1000 ul
Cxxx-1-yyy xxx=max. pipette volume yyy=desired volume

SKE-03-XX: Three pipettes free of choice, stand, racks and timer

Single channel pipette series Comfort

A major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort as a result of pipetting is an excessive workload of the thumb. The CappAero Comfort reduces the thumb workload up to about 70 % compared to other manual pipettes.

With the CappAero Comfort, not only the risk of pipetting related repetitive strain injuries is virtually eliminated, but lefatigue during pipetting also means that the user can work much more efficient and with a higher precision.

This result has been achieved by introducing a tip ejection handle, letting the other fingers take over a large part of the workload, and at the same time reducing the force needed for aspiration and blow-out to a very minimum.

The CappAero Comfort is of the same un-compromised quality as the other Capp® pipettes, and is built to withstand the often tough conditions in the lab.

Standard Line Soft Line Volume Color Code
10-1AZ SL10-1AZ 0,5-10 ul violet
50-1AZ SL50-1CZ 5-50 ul red
100-1AZ SL100-1CZ 10-100 ul orange
200-1AZ SL200-1CZ 20-200 ul yellow
1000-1AZ SL1000-1CZ 100-1000 ul blue
5000-1AZ SL5000-1CZ 1-5 ml green

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Electronic Pipette

Electronic Pipettes

Capp offers both single channel and 8-channel electronic pipettes.

CappTronic comes complete with the most widely used pipetting modes, including forward and reverse pipetting, multi dispensing, mixing/dilution, and sequential dispensing. Extensive memory capacity allows you to store as many as 9 different of your own personal protocols.

A selection of single pipettes covers the micro range from 2ul up to 1000ul, and of multi channels from 2ul up to 200ul.

Supplied with two long-life, heavy duty lithium batteries and a portable battery charger identical to that of a mobile phone, you won´t even loose work time when re-charging.

Ultimate Accuracy and Precision

  • The high CappTronic accuracy and precision are achieved by using a high-precision stepper-motor in combination with an auto-positioning construction. This construction also ensures a long pipette life with a minimum of functional problems.
  • Naturally the CappTronic electronic pipettes have been subject to extensive quality assurance tests in the construction phase. Each pipette is software tested, and tested for accuracy and precision even before leaving the factory. The quality assurance tests include environmental (emissions) tests, drop tests, vibration tests, life cycle tests, autoclave tests and more. These thorough tests ensure that your pipette always works and performs optimally.

Easy to operate

  • CappTronic has a self-explanatory user interface. Where most electronic pipettes require that the user frequently consults the instruction manual and often has to undergo excessive training to set the pipette, the CappTronic guides you through the entire process in a simple comprehensive manner.
  • The display is clearly visible at all times, and so allows you to follow each stage of the pipetting process.

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CappAero 96 Multichannel

Capp offer a wide selection of 8-channel, 12-channel, as well as 16-channel pipettes.

The most luxurious of the Capp® family of multi channel pipettes is the SoftLine pipette, featuring a soft handle that practically molds itself to your hand no matter what its size or shape. The curved finger rest is flexible enough to let you relax your hand while you work.

The other option is our StandardLine, which can be ordered with the gray or transparent handle.

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CappAero 384 Multichannel

By 96 well qPCR you can easily operate with an 8- or 12-channel pipette, as the size of the plate is 8x12 wells.

When switching to a 384-well plate, being 16x24 wells, a standard multichannel pipette is not sufficient, unless you pipette only into every second well. This is neither efficient nor comfortable on a longer term.

The solution can be simpler as you imagine– a 384 well qPCR manual pipette! Starting with the 16-channel pipette, with which you can take 1 row at a time, through a 48-channel pipette – to take up 3 rows at a time, up to a 64-channel pipette, enabling you to process the whole plate in 4 pipettings only.

Exist in 3 versions: 16 channel (3 volume ranges: 0.2-2µl, 0.5-10µl and 5-50µl), 48 channel or 64 channel

Autoclavable at 121 °C


Capp LiquiMaster peristaltic pump

The LiquiMaster is a user-friendly, programmable peristaltic pump, designed to perform operations such as dispensing, diluting, pipetting or plate filling up to 5 times faster than by conventional means.

Accommodating tubing sizes from 0.3mm to 4 mm, the LiquiMaster provides easy and high accuracy dosing of volumes ranging from 20µl up to 1000ml, and can store up to 25 different protocols.

Available with different pipetting modules (one channel and 8 channels), the LiquiMaster peristaltic pump is an easy-to-operate device, performing autocalibration.

The 8 channel dispense head is ideal for semi-automated dispensing into 96 well microplates such as in ELISA procedures.


Mechanical repeater Capp Rhythm

  • Ergonomic for your lab routine without sacrificing ultimate precision
  • Covers the complete set of dispensing volumes 1-5 000 ul (8 different syringes)
  • Single-handed volume selection, loading and dispensing
  • Lightweight (only 105 g)
  • Robust design & construction
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • One year warranty
Syringe volume (mL) Bulk Sterile (individual) Pieces/pack
0.05 RS-01-C RS-01S-C 100
0.5 RS-02-C RS-02S-C 100
1.25 RS-03-C RS-03S-C 100
2.5 RS-04-C RS-04S-C 100
5 RS-05-C RS-05S-C 100
12.5 RS-06-C RS-06S-C 100
25 RS-07-C RS-07S-C 25
50 RS-08-C RS-08S-C 25

accessories: adapter for 25 and 50 mL syringes (Ref. Nr. PR50AD)

Mechanical repeater Capp R10

  • Reliable ergonomics for your lab routine without sacrificing ultimate precision
  • Easier selection and dispensing through a vision panel
  • Flexible: 12 tip sizes, 10 volume adjustments and 120 program steps
  • Handy, having a perfect ergonomic design. One-hand operation of volume selection, loading and dispensing of liquids
  • Convenient: the easy-moving dosing button in combination with the low weight of the instrument makes long dosing series most comfortable
  • High compatibility: R10 is compatible not only with CappHarmony syringes but also with tips of many common brands
  • Reliable & maintenance-free due to its robust design
  • Highly resistant towards a broad range of chemicals
Syringe volume (mL) Bulk Sterile (individual) Pieces/pack
0.05 RS-01-C RS-01S-C 100
0.1 RS-11-C RS-11S-C 100
0.2 RS-12-C RS-12S-C 100
0.5 RS-02-C RS-02S-C 100
1 RS-13-C RS-13S-C 100
1.25 RS-03-C RS-03S-C 100
2.5 RS-04-C RS-04S-C 100
5 RS-05-C RS-05S-C 100
10 RS-14-C RS-14S-C 100
12.5 RS-06-C RS-06S-C 100
25 RS-07-C RS-07S-C 25
50 RS-08-C RS-08S-C 25

reagent reservoir

CappOrigami reagent reservoirs

The innovative reagent reservoirs are created to minimize reagent waste and save valuable storage space. Made from durable polypropylene, CappOrigamiTM reagent reservoir is designed to be shipped and stored as flat sheets.

Available are: 30ml reservoirs for 8-channel pipettes and 40ml reservoirs for 12-channel pipettes.

The sharp V-shape makes pipetting easier, prevents the formation of bubbles in the pipette tips and allows you to use more accurate amounts of reagent and so avoid expensive waste.

Bottle Dispenser

Bottle Dispenser BD

  • Five model with adjustable volumes: 0.25-2.5ml, 0.5-5ml, 1-10ml, 2.5-30ml, 5-60ml
  • Easy to use, simple construction and good chemical compatibility.
  • Each instruments comes with three adapters to fit in most of the laboratory bottles.standard thread:30mm Adapters:28mm,32mm, 36mm,40mm and 45mm
  • Nozzle cap prevents any unwanted drop on the work space.
  • Fully autoclavable at 121 °C, 15 psi
  • Easy to dis-assemble for cleaning and servicing.

Bottle Dispenser

Bottle Dispenser Capp Forte

Made of highly chemical-resistant materials, such as PTFE, PFA, Borosilicate and Platinum, this Bottle-Top Dispenser is the ideal choice for dispensing bases, acids and solvents. Using the positive displacement principle, where the tightly fitting piston wipes the walls of the glass-cylinder, removing the liquid completely, CAPPForte can be used for dispensing media that are difficult to handle, such as crystallizing, viscous, foaming or vaporing liquids. Autoclavable at 121° C / 250° F, it can also be used for sterile applications. Locking the 3-way-valve disables the dispensing function, preventing unintentional reagent flow. Additionally, the system can be evacuated without removing the unit from the bottle, and the transparent plastic sleeve protects the user from cuts and splashes in case of an accidental glass break. Both right and left-handed users can quickly and accurately set up the desired volume using the slide-and-lock volume setting button. The telescope intake tube is easily adjustable, fitting reagent bottles without cutting. Three PP-adapters for the most common bottle sizes are supplied with the instrument.

Volume (mL) / Model Volume steps (mL) Thread Adapters GL Precision (%)
0.25 - 2.50 / F2-1 0.05 GL32 28, 40, 45 <=0.1
0.50 - 50 / F5-1 0.10 GL32 28, 40, 45 <=0.1
1.00 - 10.00 / F10-1 0.20 GL32 28, 40, 45 <=0.1
2.50 - 25.00 / F25-1 0.50 GL32 38, 40,38/32 <=0.1
5.00 - 50.00 / F50-1 1.00 GL32 38, 40,38/32 <=0.1

Pipette controller

Pipette controller Capp Tempo

The Capp Tempo has an LED display for ultimate user friendliness and the patented Electronic Break System (EBS). The LED display gives the user relevant information about aspiration speed, dispense speed and battery life. The EBS is unique to Capp Tempo and allows users to pipette at maximum speed without compromising accuracy. The charging stand and wall holder are included in the box with the Capp Tempo pipette controller.

LED Display

  • Display shows aspiration and dispense speeds
  • Displays Remaining battery life and flashes when power is low
  • Display turns-off after 20 seconds of non-use to conserve battery

Adjustable speeds

  • Powerful motor fills 25ml in under 12 seconds
  • Separate speed controls for aspiration and dispense modes
  • Six different speed settings for both aspiration and dispense modes

Electronic Break System (EBS)

  • EBS maximizes speed and precision
  • Apply EBS to slow down at the last second to dial in the most accurate volume
  • Press EBS a second time to return to max speed

Power Supply

  • Lithium ion battery, full charge provides 8 hours of continuous use
  • Battery can be charged while pipette is being used

Exist in 4 colors: blue, green, red, violet

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Analytical Syringe

Digital Analytical Syringe eVol

eVol is the coupling of two precision devices: a digitally controlled electronic drive and an XCHANGE® enabled analytical syringe.

XCHANGE syringes are easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids or methods to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents.

  • eVol is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.
  • eVol is easily calibrated and calibration factors saved for each syringe, enabling laboratories to comply with stringent global laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA).
  • eVol is suitable for use with volatile samples.
  • eVol is programmable (up to 98 steps).
  • eVol is suitable for direct injection onto a chromatography column with a consistent flow rate.
  • eVol's stainless steel needle enables direct injection through septa.
  • Password protection options enabling standardization of work processes
  • Variable speed
Syringe volume (uL) / Model delivered volume (uL) Needle length (mm) Needle OD (mm) Needle ID (mm)
5 0.2-5 50 0.5 0.12
50 2-50 50 0.5 0.2
100 4-100 50 0.5 0.2
500 20-500 50 0.63 0.32
1000 4-1000 50 0.63 0.32



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