Syringe Pump

syringe pump

Syringe Pump VitFit

The original syringe fixing system of the Vitfit syringe pump allows almost any syringe to be used from micro syringes to large volume syringes without the use of an specific adapter.The syringe handling is very easy. It is tightly held in both directions (infusion and filling).


  • To move the pusher, a motor which uses new technology to ensure very high torque and ten times longer lifetime has been selected. For the transformation of the rotation into a linear movement required for pushing the syringe plunger, a new linear bead bearings has been used. This is an expensive component in the instrument, but it offers decisive advantages to the user in terms of efficiency and the mechanical yield/force of the system.
  • The precise mechanics with a volumetric spiral is protected in the instrument casing and the pusher arm does not reach out from one side (as in usual existing syringe pumps), but is integrated into the rear of the instrument. The casing and the main body are made of metal with partial PTFE protection. Therefore it is less sensitive to solvents.
  • A microprocessor allow controls the activity of the syringe pump in an easy but effective way.
  • The movement of the new brushless neodymium magnet motor is constantly under the control of the microprocessor, which corrects immediately any deviation from the pre-seted speed.
  • This syringe pump is also programmable. Up to 99 program steps can be memorised. The pump can be programmed in both directions (for delivery and filling of the syringe). This allows the syringe pump to be used in any way.
  • 2 Versions: standard and HP (high pressure)

Utilisation of the syringe pump

  • Constant flow rate. In this standard application of the pump. The flow rate will be kept constant during the all pre-selected time period.
  • Profile. Permits varying flow rates to be pre-programmed (including exponentially increasing flow rate as used for example in feeding cultures during fermentation, etc.). By programming a required time interval with zero flow rate as the first step or at the last step the pump can be automatically switched on or off. If the flow rate of the last step is different from zero then the pump will continue pumping at the specified flow rate until the syringe is empty.

Safe Switching Power Supply The mechanical losses are so small that the pumps can be use a miniature in-plug integrated switching power supply using line voltages from 95 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. During field application the pump can be powered by a 12 V accumulator or a 12 V battery.

Automatic switch off

The motor will be switched off when the syringe is empty or has been refilled.

Remote control of the syringe pump

  • simple ON/OFF (signal 3 to 12 V DC or higher with resistor)
  • progressive speed control over the whole range signal 0 to 10 V DC, (0 to 20 or 4 to 20 mA option)
  • RS 485 interface (option) for communication with a PC or similar device. The programs Siam and PNet have been designed to control the syringe pump with this interface.

Specifications of the syringe pump

Type Microprocessor programmable syringe pump; infusion/withdrawal
Program up to 99 steps of speed and time
Time resolution 0 to 999 min. in 1 min. steps
Accuracy +/- 1%
Reproducibility +/- 0.2 % (electronical)
Syringes glass, plastic, metal; from 0.5 ul to 150 ml
Flow rate range minimum 0.01 ul/min. with 5 ul syringe; maximum 120 ml/min. (7 l/hr) with 150 ml syringe
Memory non volatile for storage of all settings
Maximum force VIT-FIT syringe pump: 30 kg (reducible to 8 kg by a switch)

VIT-FIT HP (high-pressure) syringe pump: 60 kg (reducible to 16 kg by a switch)

Maximum pressure 2 MPa with 10 ml syringe (VIT FIT standard)

4 MPa with 10 ml syringe (VIT FIT HP)

Motor microprocessor controlled brushless long life BLDC motor with neodymium magnets
Transmission linear bead bearings
Pusher travel 120 mm
Speed range 0 to 999, equivalent to 0.08 mm/min - 80 mm/min
Interface ON/OFF control by external contact or 3-12 V voltage, speed by external voltage 0-10 V, RS 485 (option)
Voltage 95 to 240 V/60-50 Hz AC plug integrated switching power supplyDC 12V/12 W or similar (field operation on 12 V accumulator)
Dimensions 12.5 × 26.5 × 13 cm (H × W × D)
Weight 3.5 kg

syringe pump

Infusion Pump TECHNIC I

Designed for precision dosage of small-volume infusions. Its main advancement is the design of the control unit, which is 'smart' and capable of employing its full range of functions without being connected to other stations or devices. The pump offers multiple modes of pharmaceutical delivery and uses an alphanumeric keypad for fast and easy input. The device may be paired to a particular patient, for whom it will store treatment history, as well as provide the option of independently updating its pharmaceutical library.

The pump auto-detects the size of the syringe inserted, and ensures a high level of treatment safety through the use of two independent circuit boards. TECHNIC I was designed for ease of operation, minimal setup time, safety and high dosage precision.

It is also equipped with a contextual help feature which dynamically updates information displayed at the bottom of the screen to aid the operator in performing all setup and data administration tasks.

Antibolus-system: automatically lowers input pressure into the infusion set in the event of occlusion, protecting the patient from accidental bolus doses.

Servicing reminder: The device automatically alerts the operator when a scheduled service date is approaching.

Built-in infusion rate calculator: Calculates the infusion rate from volume and time (VTBI) or required concentration (accepts a wide spectrum of units).

Dosage history: Internal memory stores the dosage history of current infusion.

SIMPLE MODE is intended for the device's most common expected use.

  • Simple and clear for easy operation
  • Fast operation
  • Simple pharmaceutical library
  • Simplified info system

ADVANCED MODE offers a wide range of special functions and advanced operator control through threshold parameters for individual pharmaceuticals, etc. The Advanced Mode also has the Dynamic Pressure System, which prevents infusion set occlusion and sounds an alarm if the infusion set is disconnected.

  • Patient information
  • Programmable bolus
  • Extended pharmaceutical library (includes maximum infusion rate, maximum bolus volume and rate, user description, option to set maximum as hard limit)
  • Full treatment protocol
  • Full info system

PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia)

  • Graphical PCA infusion indicator
  • Theoretical dose-over-time calculator
  • Info system customized for PCA use
  • Built-in pharmaceutical library
  • Supports physician-edited treatment programs
  • Keypad lock



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