Powder pump

powder pump

This instrument allows the automatic addition of powder.


  • The remote control allows the doser to be used in automatized controlled reactions.
  • The apparatus is easy to clean and to assembly.
  • Several seals make the doser air-tight. It can be utilised under small over- or underpressure.
  • It can also be flushed with a neutral gas if necessary for a given reaction. This gas maintains the powder in the pump dry, wich is very usefull for hygroscopic powders.
  • The doser can be connected to the Integrator, wich allows quantification of the amount of solid added.

Remote control

Remote control of the speed by external voltage 0-10 V (0-20 or 4-20 mA); ON/OFF control by external contact or 3-12 V voltage; compatible with other LAMBDA instruments (Pump-flow integrator and Omnicoll fraction collector); RS 485 as option. It can be connected to a controller, for example for pH control with an acid, or to a computer with the programs PNet and Siam.

Specifications of the Pump

Flow rate 50 mg/min to 50 g/min (NaCl)
Capacity about 200 ml (equivalent to 250 g NaCl), and 1000 m
Power source 12 V DC using plug-in power supply 230 V / AC 50 - 60 Hz, or battery

2 years



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